Phillips 66 (PSX) shares tumble 0.22% on Wednesday: A Good Option for Optimistic Investors

Phillips 66 (PSX) is owned by a number of high-value investors. Its largest direct holder is Greg Garland Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer with 447,276 shares. The second-largest direct holder is Kevin J. Mitchell Executive Vice President, Finance and Chief Financial Officer, with 60,827 shares of the company’s stock. In third place with 55,381 shares of PSX is Victoria J. Tschinkel Independent Director.

This company’s stock price was $99.69 at the previous market close, with its latest volume reaching 1,664,622. Compare that to its average daily volume of 2.58M. Given the fact that this stock has 453.68M shares outstanding, its current market value is sitting at $45.23B. This publicly-traded stock’s 60-month Beta is 1.09. Its Price to Sales ratio is 0.41, its Price to Cash Flow ratio is 24.86, and its Price to Book ratio is 1.83.

PSX stock has achieved a 5-day range of $97.03 to $100.61, with a total performance of +3.66% during that period. Meanwhile, in the past month of trading, this stock has traded in the range of $94.35 to $101.15, generating a +0.17% change during the period. In the past three months, this stock’s price has changed by +18.51%, trading in the range of $82.80 to $104.46.

In the past 5 days, shares of PSX have made a new high 3 times. In the last month, it has made a new high 4 times, and in the past 3 months, it has made a new high 26 times.

Phillips 66 (PSX) stock currently has a Financial Strength score of 6.4/10. This is due to a combination of factors, including a Cash to Debt ratio of 0.16, an Equity to Asset ratio of 0.43, a Debt to Equity ratio of 0.46 and a Debt to EBITDA of 1.29. The Interest Coverage of this stock is 10.13, its Piotroski F-Score is 6, its Altman Z-Score is 3.80 and its Beneish M-Score is -2.56.

This publicly-traded company’s Profitability and Growth score is 6/10, thanks to a combination of things: an Operating Margin of 4.43, a Net Margin of 4.88, a ROE of 22.41, and a ROC of 31.56. Similarly, this company’s 3-Year Total Revenue Growth Rate is 4.00, its 3-Year Total EBITDA Growth Rate is 7.80, and its 3-Year EPS w/o NRI Growth Rate is 15.10.

Shifting focus now to Valuation and Return for PSX, this company’s Price to Tangible Book is 2.21, its Price to Projected FCF is 1.39 and its Price to Median PS Value is 1.08. Price to Peter Lynch Fair Value for PSX is now 1.45, and this organization’s Price to Graham Number is 0.92. Meanwhile, its Earnings Yield (Joel Greenblatt) is 13.26 and its Forward Rate of Return (Yactman) is 8.17.

Certain ratios provide helpful insights into how a stock is performing. The Quick Ratio for PSX is sitting at 0.82, while its Current Ratio is 1.28 and its PEG Ratio is 1.69. This stock’s PB Ratio is 1.84, its PS Ratio is 0.42, its PE Ratio (TTM) is 8.62, its Forward PE Ratio is 9.68, and its PE Ratio without NRI is 8.62. Similarly, its Price to Owner Earnings is 16.78, its Price to Free Cash Flow is 17.27 and its Price to Operating Cash Flow is 7.47.